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hi everyone. here goes my confession. my rather dumb id, wrap together with 10 unpinned grenades, we will hear the results later. Am a police officer, an experienced one for that matter. this is the only job i have ever had my whole entire life now in my 30's. It just happens that a long time ago, fresh into my career i got posted to an area believed to then to have night runners. Until that time, in my past life i never believed that those people existed. to me it was all but a myth. I hope my dear wife who snoops around everywhere online doesn't recognise me though because what am about to say is embarrasing, i've never told her or anyone before. am in a night shift as usual, i took a remaining piece of weed lit it and enjoyed roaming around at night. yeah you must be in aw but i stopped smoking weed five years deep as a cop but that is a confession in itself so i'll concentrate on the matter at hand. As i was walking, someone passed by me running fast i didn't take much thought into it but i was beginning to get terrified. a minute later i notice three bodies surging towards me at night at full speed. I had my firearm that day but for some reason, i didn't think about it, i just turned and started running in the opposite direction. Some people say that night runners are grannys but based on the speed at which they were running with, clearly this people can't be grannys. i ran as fast as i can but they were catching up, at some point i dropped my firearm as it's heavy something must be wrong with my instincts, am glad i didn't join the army. It reached a point i shouted for help but the area was remote. i hit a block and fell down while my supposed assailants ran past me without saying a word. I was fucking terrified that night. I had dropped my walkie and my rifle but the fear inside me was so much that i didn't go back for them. I went back to the station and told my colleagues i had been attacked by some cattle rustlers so they accompanied me back and we found my lost items to date am still surprised why they bought that story since my rifle was safe and sound. cattle rustlers would have gone with it but i thank God that horror is behind me now. After my stay there, somehow got used to night runners though i never clearly got the reason why they do so and why they have to do it without clothes.