Confessions, confessions......!

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Since this is a new forum and nobody is threatening to ban us, can we come clean on the multiple handles we used on klost....I'll go 1st...
6.Hot mama(got lots of emails from desperados)
7.And 3 others I won't disclose for privacy.

This is Gold

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i had multiple handles bt never ever disguised my self as a pink handle..hio ni uhomo (pun intended)

Anyway zangu zilikuwa
Cabaye (Suspended)
Gnabry (Banned)
Timothy Otieno (Banned)
Pakua sembe (Banned)
Kiboko Yao Reloaded (Banned)
N2inition (Banned)
Ras Nyongesa (Banned)

PS ...all my handles were banned or suspended by @Supu and jakenya and that is why i hated them that much. these two had the privilege of viewing one's IP address and they some how had crammed mine (Tells u alot about witch hunting in Klist) what they would do is 1st suspend me 4 no reason or deactivate my listing or replies knowing very well i would react with matusi..hapo sasa walipata chance poa ya kuni ban and tht is why i had many handles. My motto was ban one handle and i create two new accts. Eventually i started masking and proxifying my IP and tht is why one day jakenya out of frustration wrote a listing asking why i have changed my IP address ati he misses suspendin me. On the other hand @Supu whose hate 4 me was bigger would suspend or chokoza any lister she siuspected was me. If u can remember she once suspended @Stylezzz thinking he was me. @Stylezzz later raised a complaint after the suspension and asked supu mbona she had confused him for me. This is how supu responded...she apologized and said that i appear every where like a cockroach, Offcoz this was to incite me to tukana her and reveal my new ID. nilifungua Acct ingine na nikamtukana where it hurts and that is going in on her son...ukitaka kuumiza manzi go for the toi and go in hard bila huruma hadi kwa mkia.

Another lister whom supu had a grude with and used to witch hunt was @uwesmake aka kamkuywa. This supu used to treat Klist ni kama ya mamayake. u can remember one time @uwesmake was expelled and every time he resurfaced with a new handle he would get banned on the spot. This is how wicked that mama was and i pray and wish Klist never returns, Don't be fooled Supu and jakenya are here in Ktalk bt wako very passive, i know they will read this or are reading it right now,,my words to them are KLST HAIKUWA ALPHA AND OMEGA GTFOH
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