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@smokin_gun, What do you think will run through her boyfriend's mind if he finds our that his chic slept at her ex...Have you and your ex been keeping in touch since you broke up or she just showed up one year later? What next? Utamfukuza kesho ama? Too many red flags..
It's a fucking trap dude. Your responsibility to her stopped the moment y'all broke up. If she was assaulted by her bf then let her go cry to her girlfriends not you. Usijiingize kwa love triangle ukijifanya white knight hapo.


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Nothing says "friend zone" like being the shoulder to cry on. Atarudia huyo bad man within one month. Fukuza yeye and don't involve yourself in such confusion. She has been surviving without you, she doesn't need you to make it through this.


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wacha upus...kwani hana kwao...utajua hujui ninja my ex calls saying she wants to talk about something bothering her i always tell her aende kwa professional...i aint a help center or psychiatrist...