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BREAKING: North Korea announces that it conducted a sixth nuclear test.

BREAKING: North Korea announces it conducted a hydrogen bomb test

Nuclear detonation yield.

Hiroshima: 13 kilotons
Nagasaki: 20 kilotons

North Korea's test today: 100 kilotons

Japan calls for urgent meeting of the UN Security Council following North Korea's nuclear test.

@fieldmarshalcouchP share your experiences of how World War 2 was ndio tujitayarishe. I know you went to Burma to fight for the British.


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Usingojee @FieldMarshal CouchP reliable Intel has it that gabu "kicked the bucket" after the now (in)famous statement "the greatness of a Nation lies in the fidelity to it's constitution, rule of law and above all fear of God" doctor @luther efforts to get his heart beating we're futile #niko maji Kama duster in support of kamwana


Nuclear warheads, 2017.

Russia: 7000
US: 6800
France: 300
China: 260
UK: 215
Pakistan: 140
India: 130
Israel: 80
North Korea: 30
Gadaffi ended his WMD program. Did it stop him from getting flushed out of a culvert and getting killed like a dog? How about Saddam? They used the WMD excuse to invade and destroy Iraq. Kim Jong Un understands this. The more they threaten him, the more he accelerates NK's nuclear program. I'm sure even the Iranians are accelerating their own program chini ya maji. Every possible kind of sanctions have been placed on North Korea. That hasn't stopped their nuclear program from achieving success. These world leaders are chest thumping, but in reality they're shitting themselves over the possibility of what a "mad" Kim Jong Un might do.
If Donald Trump launches strikes against North Korea, Japan and South Korea are going to feel the heat. NK is not an African country that just gets threatened fwaaaaa. You threaten them and they increase their nuclear deterrence. Moves and counter-moves.
The world has no option but to come to terms with the fact that NK is part of a very exclusive club of nuclear armed countries. They'll have to accept it, just as they did with India and Pakistan.
By the way what is happening in burma naona kwa bbc kamenuka mbaya, thousands killed and millions ni idps
Buddhists are fucking Rohingya Muslims vibaya sana. The same buddhism that is usually associated with peace. That's why I always say all religion is shit.
ION, Turkish despot Recep Tayyip Erdogan is accussing Myanmar of genocide. This is the leader of the same country that refuses to acknowledge, and jails anyone who mentions Turkey(the Ottoman empire's successor state)'s role in the Armenian genocide.
Dunia ina mambo.


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Without nuclear bombs, North Korea won't be around as of now. That's why even that bully Trump haezi wavamia.
A lie. What do they really have to warrant US to interfere with their affairs? That small penised dictator Kim requires to be shot right in his skull.


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North Korea exists to test weapons. They don't care about anything else. Who snatched a cake from them and made them this mad?


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A lie. What do they really have to warrant US to interfere with their affairs? That small penised dictator Kim requires to be shot right in his skull.
North Korea has pursued nuclear weapons for defensive reasons to deter invasion but also for an offensive reason, so it may someday reunite Korea under the Kim regime. With that in mind knowing there are over 30,000 US forces in South Korea permanently and the US Air Force keeps heavy bombers nearby in Guam, the North Korean leadership is using its nuclear program as a bargaining chip rather than an offensive weapon. The United States, for its part, is keen on North Korea ending it’s nuclear testing and development — and wants to ensure that the north doesn’t launch attacks on the south that would require America to come to its defence.