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  1. Dimz Fala

    Dimz Fala Senior Villager

    It just found its way into my ken, some therapy, that despite the very formidable hands on experience, I was non the wiser about.....
    We all know those occasional moments......where a semi-urgent nature's call morphs into a 3 day ordeal, that would have been better served at Nyali Beach....
    For the proactive, and I have absolutely no idea whether, or not the veracity still holds; granted with all the mixed messages from Dr. Oz, depending on who was financing any one program...highly contradictory advice abounds, that befuddle and bamboozle netizens and netiphobic alike...roughage is purported to do some biological wizadry and wives very fairly compliant pieces of artwork, of normal proportions, and donated to mother nature by us all....
    But if you are like 8 or so out of 10.....there have been those instances, that as a man, they could not possibly have been any other explanation, than that he was expecting! For wives, signs that new life was imminent...
    You are under such duress, that , you ask your self, sasa, hata nikiishia hosi, sijui mtoi atazaliwa tukishafika ama njiani, hatujui...Ur in a serious rut...that invites all sort of sensations that leave you squirming in belabored agony....suffer no more.....with the advent of the poop button!
    3 finger widths inferior to your belly button, if you have been consuming quantities of food consistent with normalcy in physical growth, opposed to the occasional shockers that pop up 60 at the waist!....ur normal 3 finger widths down there lies the epicenter of the poop button....firmly pressed as can be tolerated, hit play, take a deep breath, and shout out yaliyopita si ndwele,,,itatoka yote!....and some marvellous things happen, that we, as human beings, have developed a habit of stealing a furtive glance back in both amazement , and awe, before hesitantly pulling the flush lever! ...
    So there you got it......should you find your self in those unenviable if precarious set of circumstances........happy roughage and poopie poopie!!!
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  2. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    Meffi!!! What are you saying????

    But you're spot on!!
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  3. Randy

    Randy Village Elder

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  4. karema-hitI

    karema-hitI Village Elder

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  5. trix

    trix Village Elder

    Just write all this shit in your mother tongue,i will try my level best to translate it to English.
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  6. kush yule mnono

    kush yule mnono Village Sponsor

    Following .....
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  7. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

    Heheh there is a message in there...somewhere .
    @Luther12 , please come kidogo.
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  8. Ole_Wenu

    Ole_Wenu Village Elder

    Hara polepole boss.
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  9. Yvonne-swirry

    Yvonne-swirry Village Elder

  10. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

    Morning poopsy pie? :)
  11. mtadao

    mtadao Village Elder

    Whatever you took in the morning was neither tea nor coffee or a related beverage
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  12. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    Good morning ;)
  13. SnazzyKenyan

    SnazzyKenyan Village Elder

    Anasema aliota kama anazaa, akakunia
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  14. jambazim

    jambazim Village Elder

    I tried to read then i went brahh brahhh brahhh...

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  15. Dimz Fala

    Dimz Fala Senior Villager

    Why don't you take a big shit and vamoose
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  16. trix

    trix Village Elder

    Am sorry my arse hole is of limited circumference but hard as it may seem am sure everytime you drop a big one you drop a piece of brain with it.
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  17. Dimz Fala

    Dimz Fala Senior Villager

    Honestly that is the full extent to which I can possibly summarize, from an initially planned 20 or so page discourse....I triumphed in laying it down 18 pages sooner~!
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  18. Dimz Fala

    Dimz Fala Senior Villager

    You seem quite enlightened on the brain correlation......would you mind taking a couple of minutes to graphically demonstrate the feat you claim since ur speaking with such authority as only a veteran of the act would.?....thank you...
  19. trix

    trix Village Elder

    Am sorry i cant give a graphical representation of your nether regions at work,that my friend is your sole prerogative,but one thing i can confirm for sure is that i will be a happy man when i see you make use of that appendage you call a brain more often.
  20. Dimz Fala

    Dimz Fala Senior Villager

    I thought you said you were incessantly pressed....and in due diligence...I will expeditiously eject and promptly afford you thereafter the opportunity to get some hands on expeerience...might come in handy one day....Oh and I won't flush..it will be my token of good will to a fellow mwananchi.....See only a person curiious of the act
    Then what are you constipating on??? If ur into no constipation constipate the hell out of here........go take that dump in your own thread....move the hell on numb nuts