construction jobs- I need painters


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I need 20 paint Technicians, drop your cv if you have the following, latest monday 10:00 A.M


  • Must have Industry Training & Certification- certificate Grade I
  • Experience mixing colors
  • Ability to differentiate between colors
  • Ability to use hand and power tools and equipment
Inbox for contact details.
interior ikiingia utajua

paint work na multitasking haziendani. Otherwise combat colors are inevitable.
painting is part of it if you are looking for serious surface preparation and variety of paints. We only deal with deep pocketed individuals. I'm told we have some 3k per meter paint.


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Nipatie iyo contract? Anything to do with interior finishes/fit- outs and glass and aluminum related works I am your got to guy.
Otherwise contact classic moldings mombasa they have a database of painters they have trained in mombasa.