Cooking With Gio: KTalk Tv Edition


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Gio must be disturbing a mubea,with a confession.
This Gio fella is as Kenyan as one can be,otherwise all of you going for his neck better brace for his comeback :):):):cool:
The only part he did act as son of this great nation is where he didn't come out and say he was misquoted and misunderstood. We fisi mpishi,fika hapa jitetee,kumbafff
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To be fair, @Gio never said that was him cooking. He only said "Process ndio hii." Y'all got your undies in a bundle for no reason.
@Gio was walking on a live wire the day he posted this

Today participated in the Farmers Choice Bike Race (70Km) From Cianda up those Limuru Tea Circuit climbs and I DID REALLY WELL!!!!!!! Hours on my trainers and morning climbs on those hills has paid off. Will be getting some mullah in the course of the week, I pushed myself to the limits in those climbs!!!!! Decided to come home celebrate myself with Pan fried liver and bacon na mukimo and kachumbari, tafadhali use your imagination to figure out how best to cook this and hao nazis were evidence and step by step process and fantasy foods msinisumbue.


Goat/Ox Liver(Diced large)
1 Onion(Diced)
3 cloves Garlic(Chopped/sliced)
Ginger(Chopped)-small piece
1 Tomato(Diced Small)
Light Soy Sauce

Anyway really tired after that feat View attachment 44813
It isnt that hard to prepare, mukimo was in the fridge so just made the meat dish and kachumbari
work from Chef Raphael also