Cost of living in other towns



Wow 5k for a bedsitter means excellent returns. Nyeri is growing in leaps and bounds. I better start shining eyes there. On olx, one eighths karibu na Kimathi uni are going for 2.5 million! Aki cost of land in Kenya is soo ridiculous imeshinda 1st world countries. Since FH was born and raised here I will ask for advice.Ion, Kibaki was a genius how I miss having him as prezzo.


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The guy was an economist par excellence. instead of doing obvious stuff like allocating skewed tenders and employing people from his village in order to help them, he just built a major college/university there. The rest worked itself out.

What a compliment.


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Since when did a bedsitter in Nyeri cost 5k??? In Ruringu? Is it just me ama that amount is too much...the same as for the City Nairobi?

How is the cost of living in your other it this high also?
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Iko Ruringu hii
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In my opinion bedsitters are the most expensive class of houses. Got an uncle in Loresho in there esto guys lease the SQ for 12-15k kwa flats. Hapa Embu bedsitter poa ni 5k. You can get a one bedroom in the same esto na 6k or 6500 of same quality. Crazy I say.