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Kuna friend pale isiolo jana nikipitia ..apparently he is Engineering graduate and he is earning same salary na all other levels..32k..was shocked


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Most Engineering graduates friends of mine wameingia biashara due to unemployment
Kwanza mechanical engineering usiwai jaribu hapa Kenya
The problem is Kenya is not an Industrialized country. And we are hardly making any ground to that effect. The counties are trying but simple milk plants or fruit processing will not do it. So not much designing work for ME grads. Our entrepreneurs are too simple. Nobody tries any real manufacturing. Just land and building apartments for rent. My advice for ME grads is to at least try the Middle East. Or get an MBA and work in the corporate field in a different capacity. And for those wanting to go into Engineering school, study Electrical Engineering or at least Computer Science. Be wary of studying Mechanical Eng.
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