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Coup in Zimbabwe


Village Chief
Yenyewe that woman was just pushing it a bit too much.
She has been indirectly ruling for decades.
He could have gone for a neutral successor that will ensure his family's future security and existence without they necessarily being in power. Sasa akifa saa hii si his family will be victimized vibaya. He is openly showing everyone else the middle finger.


Village Chief
The time is ripe for Zimbabwe to revert to the people, Uncle Bob has had his time but gifting the presidency to his wife is an insult to the people as if they are subjects. The military did threaten to step in, they are Now keeping their word.
The army has been solely responsible for keeping him in power. He even gifted generals mines and former white settler farms to appease them in the face of crippling economic conditions. It seems the snake has come back to devour its master