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  1. mukuna

    mukuna Village Elder

    It's that time we have been eagerly waiting. @The_Virus sasa tokea

    Chances are very high he may end up at Barcelona before the transfer window closes. Lakini heri wachukue Dele Alli Tottenham itulie kiasi.

    In other news Lallana will be out for 4 months

    Arsenal vs Chelsea on Sunday 1:2
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  2. Shuma mre dani..

    Shuma mre dani.. Village Elder

    I can't imagine the backlash against the Americans if they sold him now... And besides, it won't make much sense to sell him without a replacement.... Knowing how Liverpool drag around with transfers.
  3. bollingo

    bollingo Village Elder

    I believe that he won't be sold, I mean, he is not up for sale. But Liverpool can't compete with money giants, Barca ...