COVID -19, USA on the receiving end!

COVID-19 Deaths in USA, Spread Facts Not Fear!
  • They don’t routinely clean hands before eating. Watch them in restaurants or Drive-thru!
  • They believe in firm handshakes. This spreads COVID-19 ( Refer to fomites/droplet infection)
  • They believe in close contact during speech; they move too close! They want “eye contact’. Watch them face off during fights/wrestling promos and see how they inhale each other’s breath!
  • Hugging, kissing, pecking is still rampant. We see them dong this in real time e.g. in the ongoing Democratic Party campaigns.
  • Healthcare is over-monetized. Many don’t have access to health services (no insurance, or can’t afford co-pay). There is a 50 million estimate in this category!
  • There is minimal access to OTC (over the counter meds). FYI COVID-19 control is about supportive care. What happens to the homeless who lives in group homes?
  • They love “outdoors”(which means outside their houses and not necessarily in the open fields). Some might travel while infected, and this minimizes catch-rate for contact tracing.
  • Most houses/indoors lack free aeration or outside air. Contaminated air is easily recycled via HVAC systems. Rebreathing rate for contaminated air is higher.
  • Disparity in healthcare persists; but there is free mingling. Rich and poor, all visit or eat from McDonalds and similar franchises.
  • COVID-19 has no cure. So “First World” Status does not count as expected. They would wish they could use their bombs, Ha ha ha!
  • Britain has NHS healthcare; more is accessible health wise. In USA healthcare is accessible but not affordable! Mexicans, Arabs, Blacks, White Redheads are the greatest human breeders in USA, and they have kids without healthcare! What happens when they are infected?
  • China had better control; they enforce, not request. In USA compliance would be limited! China invoked Police authority to control COVID-19. US might be slower in curtailing freedoms enshrined in the constitution. Only Mr. Trump would comfortably use reflex executive orders without fear of repercussions. The rest rely on long winded boring meetings!
  • Most in US are a bunch of pompous fellows who claim to know what they have never known. They feign it all the time. COVID-19 loves that!
  • Lowered Immunity. Many years of living in “disinfected” environments has lowered the immunity of many. Refer to comedian George Carlin and his take on immunity and Hudson River escapades!
  • There are many on anticancer meds and other immunity lowering interventions (steroids, radiotherapy etc.).
  • Sick undocumented immigrants are unlikely to seek care for fear of profiling and deportation. But they will still be in those public places! The system is fond of using subterfuge to lure unsuspecting humans.
  • On a good note. Trump has released funds that would help lessen the impact of all of the above. Will they re-strategize?