Cow girl


Village Elder
It is well known along these streets that I love climbing cowgirl. What with the tities hanging low in your face , the butt outback begging to be clasped tight, and her beautiful moans in your ear. It's a special slice of heaven once she sits on the legendary sycamore tree, as it impales her hot within, her eyes playfully evident of what a stud you are. The only downside to this climb, is bad breath. Coz you don't want to be on the receiving end of a bitch-skunk crossbreed mouth. The solution to this problem, is, thankfully, the best climb ever imagined and devised. Reverse cowgirl.
Friends, reverse cowgirl, is the best climbing experience any man will ever have. See, she is facing your feet, in short, bowing to you. Then, oh crap, then, the Burt, that ever so so sweet piece of a woman, is right in your face. Chini kidogo, you can very well make out the cat. Wedged at the foothills of the two moulds, the cat, all pink and wet, is right in your face. Here, you get to eat your cake and have it. When she Sears on it, you get to see the sycamore tree imbed deep with in her as you gaze at the best organ ever created... The ass. You watch it as it wobbles up and down, held together by the rock hard tree, now call hard wood. With a little imagination, a little gyrations sends shivers down your spine. For optimal audio efect in concert with her moans, you must spank that ass. Spank it good and hard .
Oh, and if you cock your head a little to the valley due north, the prohibited orifice just winks at you. And if you are really good and shafting, and you make her cum, you are front row to witness the prohibited ambyss go seismic in tandem with her clamping cat.
Such is the pleasure and wherewithal of a good climb. And friends, that's what TMT is doing to Jumbiree. Jumbiree is being shafted without mercy. Aki our kingpin has no idea what is coming or going. With all the infrastructure at his disposal, our guy is playing catch up in this demonic race. He has the numbers, but he may just be hounded out of office. By playing a gentleman in a mud fight.
Here, I can only hope that my guy has a paradigm shifting trick up his sleeve. Coz , God help us all, if he doesn't, he may just go the Clinton way, or worst, deliver us his followers to the Germanic gas chambers and roast house manned by TMT.
Whomever is close to the hilly house , kindly tell Baba nanii that were are a worried lot.


Village Chief
:D:D:D you forget in reverse cow girl there is the unpleasant sight of your woman's butthole in your face as the stretches to touch your toes! Anyway a welcomed break from the toxic politics
And if she's the dirty type or those with long finger nails that don't complete the job nicely, well, let me leave the gory details to your imagination.