Cowards Of The County


Village Chief

The leaders breached the Election Offences Act, the DPP said.

“The suspects must immediately be charged with obstructing an election officer in executing his lawful duties contrary to section 13 (i) of the Election offences Act of 2016,” said Mr Tobiko.

Ms Odinga, Nasa leader Raila Odinga's sister, and Mr Outa have been in hiding since disruption of the training.

The duo last week moved to court to seek anticipatory bail pending any threatened arrest or charge by the government.

The courts declined their request.

Who is going to teach the Odingas to think before they act?


Village Elder
Who is gon teach JP to be fair in their judgement and level the playing field?
In what world are contestants always at par? The insistence on a level playing field is a political statement that is founded on the premise that all men are equal. Let justice prevail and let the principles of equity govern a man’s actions but never can men be equal and this inequality comes out clearly that even where the so called leveling of the playing field occurs the actors will react very differently to the various aspects of the competition. These reactions render one man a winner and another a looser. By virtue of being an incumbent one tends to have a ‘home’ advantage and it requires a formidable competitor to oust them. One need not be a rocket scientist to know this.