CR7 the G.O.A.T


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I Started following this guy keenly after Euro 2016

Not like the other fella who misses penalties in the final VS Chile

Enjoy it while it lasts
Juventus vs Genoa today

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Wakuu mbuzi inamaanisha nini, niko kichakani bana sijacatch up na hii latest lingua franka ya jiji...meff
Greatest of all time
After the Euro 2016. The debate was settled
UCL with JUVE ni extras


National team

  • Most EURO final tournament appearances: 21
  • Most EURO and World Cup finals appearances combined: 38 (level with Bastian Schweinsteiger)
  • Most EURO finals goals: 9 (level with Michel Platini)
  • Most EURO final tournaments scored in: 4
  • Only player to score three goals in multiple EUROs (2012, 2016)
  • Most EURO goals including qualifying: 29
  • Most goals in UEFA EURO and European FIFA World Cup qualifiers: 50
  • Most Portugal caps: 154
  • Most international goals by a European: 85 (and, overall, behind only


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Nope. Anyway what's your argument?? From my observation you are a Messi Fan.

#Team Ronaldo.
It's harder to please one woman many times. Messi's ability to mantain his prowess with the same team for so long proves he is the G.O.A.T. It's very easy to please different women many times so Ronaldo has not done anything extraordinary.


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Zlatan has won titles in more than 3 leagues, lets call him GOAT.
Dutch league title, MLS na Swedish title don't count.
We only consider Europe's top 5 leagues (EPL, LA liga, Serial A, Bundesliga, Ligue1).
So Zlatan has 3/5.


No national trophy.

Even Messi the weakling is better than Zlatan
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Sweden title doesn't count.


No national trophy.
Why shouldn't the swedish title count?
Isn't it a league?
But when Ronaldo fans call him GOAT you argue he has won in two leagues and is about to win in 3rd. In that 3rd he is playing in a team that is the most dominant in that league so basically the only challenge he has is to help Juve win UEFA.