crashed Droid

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Am Using a Sony Ericsson Ray(St18i)
The phone restarted during a Bluetooth transfer.since then it keeps on restarting after the experia logo.
Usb debugging was off when this happened.
Is there a way to enable?
I have the rom in memory card but it doesn't pick.

Advice geeks.
And always remember to do a nandroid backup immediately after rooting en installing a custom recovery.. It cud have saved u such disappointments
Like I said apo juu recovery is ua only chance.... Remove mem card, disconnect batt for about 5min,thn try to boot in recovery. Usikufe moyo try like a thousand times lazima itaingia recovery mode and also make sure batt iko na moto.. I believe it is almost impossible for an Android ikufe na software


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Have never used a recovery software in android.
After repair am considering installing it.
I need more info.
Secondly, if I can restore a crashed phone back to life using a recovery sw so as a thief can too .


Download flashrool n a sfock rom for your phone. Flash it but remember not to tick data in clear option. Thats how easy it is to deal with sony phones
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