Crazy Nairobi! :-(


Female Perspective

Hii mtaa sasa itakalika aje. Maisha imekuwa ghali mno! Ukiwa na elfu moja ata haikai sana!

Everything has become too expensive bana! Women have it easy...anaweza tu amua akuwe a good house wife and a good mother akae tu nyumbani trying out different businesses! Kama georginamakena!

Anywho... @DeliciousShiko alipotelea wapi?
You should have tagged me on this thread..sio watu wanajiweza!


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It feel like January will take at least an year for the country to recover economically.
its bad, those in employment are better now, and to imagine we are headed for the worst economically - if uhuruto wins baba will dig in for another 5 year fight, if baba wins one gets the feeling parliament will not make his tenure easy.
Uncertainty is bad for business, its getting to a point where even the international ngo's and donors are cutting project funding.