Explicit Crazy offers on dating sites

Word of advise, that's someone about to bait you.

Probably your fellow Kenyan.
"She" will ask for some of your details - like contacts etc, even pictures - Don't send, because then they will use those details to black mail you.

Imagine being threated with this non sense to your family.

Another angle, establish trust, then they send you a package, then it has to come through customs, then you reached out by customs agent asking for you to pay for duty over phone - At this stage package is at the coast - You and your stupid self send money. Then again, umezoea fare kukuliwa, whats a small figure for duty.

But if you could care less about the above, please go right ahead!

If you do care, go pick up a girl in a pub like normal people - Let go of this online tinder/Tagged BS! Too much hustle if you ask me.