Cuban Doctors Leave Their Stations After April 12th’s Abductions


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Cuban doctors deployed to counties that border Somalia are reportedly leaving their stations due to fear after their colleagues were kidnapped in Mandera and taken to Somalia.
Over the weekend, two specialists posted to Lamu and Tana River left in a huff as the government evacuated medics attached to Wajir and Garissa counties. Lamu County’s Health Executive Anne Gathoni, corroborated the news saying on Monday; “It is true. The two Cuban doctors travelled out of Lamu abruptly over the weekend,”.

She added that “The Mandera incident is really traumatising them and that is why they are seeking guidance and counselling. It is a matter under discussion on whether they will return to Lamu or not bearing in mind that our county also borders Somalia.”
The two doctors in question, Dr Liliana Casos, an orthopaedic surgeon and Dr Denis Orozco, who is a family physician, were both deployed to Lamu in July, 2018.
Tana River County, which also borders the Horn of Africa; Somalia, suffered a similar blow on Monday as well.
Michael Kioni the Deputy County Commissioner for Tana River, confirmed that Dr Oriol Valon Costa, a surgeon, and Dr Madelin Areas Hall, a family doctor, had both been recalled to Nairobi.

He said the doctors felt unsafe, adding that “It is an order from above and part of security measures the State has taken to ensure all other doctors are safe, since it seems they are becoming a new target,”.
The health workers in Wajir and Garissa were also evacuated following a national security advisory from Nairobi.

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Aaron Morasae from Garissa Police disclosed that the team from Garissa left on Saturday morning, and it is not yet clear when they would resume work.
The departure of the Cuban doctors, is likely to hurt service delivery with patients expected to travel long distances just so they can gain access to specialised care.
On the 12th of April 2019, Gunmen abducted two Cuban doctors Dr Assel Herera Correa (a general physician) and Dr Landy Rodriguez (a surgeon) in a road ambush in Mandera town, some 1,135 kilometres from the capital Nairobi.

In the daring attack that was carried out just a few minutes after 9 am, right in the middle of the northern Kenya town that lies near the Somalia border, the attackers shot dead one of the two police officers who were guarding the medical practitioners. The other officer, escaped with injuries.
It is said that during the ambush, the armed assailants in two small cars first blocked the vehicle taking the doctors to work. They then alighted and opened fire on the police officers.

The assailants then bundled the two health workers into their cars and drove off. Reports however, indicate they crossed the border into Somalia.
The Mandera attack, was the second abduction of foreigners in five months by suspected Al-Shabaab militia who are linked to the Al-Qaeda terror group.
Mandera elders left for Somalia on Friday to negotiate with their counterparts; the elders of the Somali Community who are very highly regarded and credited with being able to resolve dangerous and sometimes complex issues.
The negotiations, will be regarding the release of the two doctors.

There are some areas in this country siwezi kanyaga, imagine not being able to go to certain places in your own country as you are not sure whether you will be safe.
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Why doesn't Kenya have drones? They would have been found by now.

Or better yet use American satellites to pinpoint the attack and escape route...