Cunning inlaws

Baby Panay

Village Elder
Boy child is under seige again. Ocha kwetu there is a mother who is collaborating with her daughter to rob her son inlaw. Kijana ameweka Mpesa na Agro vet lakini each an every week anashinda akiongeza float na ata nyumba ya job haijilipi.

The mother in-law is feeling so happy about it to an extent that she brags about it in the village. She is a single mother herself and I have a feeling that is where her daughter is headed. No man is stupid. Just a little p*ssy whipped and when he starts thinking with his big head, he will realize he is being taken for a ride.

This got me thinking, @Mundu Mulosi and other married villagers here. Have you ever taken a minute to figure out whether your in-laws are using you?? Do you keep getting invited for fundraisers and other events that you are required to pay something?? Can your wife account for the money you give her? Is she overly involved in her home's projects?? Have you ever got a feeling that something is going on between your wife and her people that you can't figure out.
You might be very in love but please ask yourself these questions.


Village Elder
si hii story tulikueleza hapa last week.ama ameanza tena.i dont give a f**k to inlaws.wewe ndio hard on them and stand your ground like a man of that house.aaii