cyprian is mcoondu...

That's for shielding direct sun rays especially in high humid areas i.e Mombasa. They help a lot due as you won't fill the heat compared to normal windows which do get heated and a times break, it can also be for aesthetic purpose.Small windows are washrooms so no need for the shield #myopinion


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Why are you tagging me in unnecessary wars?

As per view of that photo, that ain't a balcony but kind of a ledge that should act as a shade for the window below. View it in that perspective and you'll find out there is NO wrong in that building.
i thought so too, until I noticed the orientation of the Sun and the shadow casts on the building... totally off for a sunshade device...

But that, in my opinion, is less scary than the columns (pillars) that dont seem vertically aligned from one floor to the next...