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This world is a cruel place. What if he had been sent to deathrow?

28 years behind bars then your life is only worth $6,250.00 per year of ALL that time taken away or rather robbed away from you?

$6,250: What an inmate cleared of murder after nearly 3 decades could get per year behind bars
Jul 22, 2019, 4:05 PM ET

An Oklahoma judge last week exonerated a man who had spent 28 years behind bars, in the nation's latest high-profile case of wrongful conviction.

But according to state law, the maximum amount he could get for each year that he was incarcerated is $6,250.

That’s because Oklahoma has a cap of $175,000 that can be awarded to those who are wrongfully convicted then exonerated.

Jeff Gutman, a professor of clinical law at the George Washington University Law School who's studied exoneration compensation, said that when asked to grade the various state compensation packages, he would give Oklahoma a D+ because "a state that has an overall cap like Oklahoma really prejudices people who are in longer, the longer-serving exonerees."



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By US standards this is extremely unfair but by Kenyan standards this is very generous because you don't even get one cent for being wrongly convicted and imprisoned.
There was that guy Lulu Hassan highlighted his story. This guy was behind bars. His ex wife and her police officer lover concocted a story that he had raped his own daughter.
I wonder whether he is still in jail