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I was locked up in USA for five years and then I got deported.At the time of my deportation, I was so sick, admitted in San Diego Hospital and had not eaten anything for 27 days, I was being fed only through IV that was put straight through my heart because I had no veins. They just pulled the machine off of me, threw me in an Airplane and shipped me back to Nairobi. The crime was lighting a little piece of rug/carpet on fire. NOBODY got hurt and witnesses against me lied on the stand and faked crocodile tears. I got angry yes, I made a mistake yes but it was my first time offense and I didn't deserve that much time in prison if I was to get deported. The public pretender/ government lawyer I was given only worked with the System to get me convicted. He presented absolutely NO defense on my behalf.I was judged so much that I don't want anybody reading this to start judging me and insulting me. I spent 18 months in County Jail before trial violating my statute right to speedy trial which guarantees trial within 12 months of arrest. I was locked up in prison longer than my sentence dictated and then moved again to immigration jail only to be locked up for seven more months before I got deported mercilessly by a bunch of Mexicans who were just so excited to be coming to Africa for the first time. They kept laughing, drinking and toasting cheers to my tears in the Airplane and taking photos and talking about going on safaris and Carnivore and sleeping at the Hilton- not even having the tiniest emotion that I was coming back with nothing to nothing. None of my witnesses were called to Court my public pretender claiming that "he couldn't find them." I was constantly kicked in the jail, locked up in the hole and kicked by male officers because I tried to stand up and speak up for myself in Court against racial discrimination, injustice and mistreatment in the jail and in Court.

The California Criminal Courts (CCB) threw the book at my face because I was a black woman in a white Country with no family and no money to hire a private lawyer. The prosecuter exagerrated my case so much and presented me to the jury as a terrorist who was out to murder people. My lawyer threatened me that if I got on the stand to testify on my own behalf I would get life imprisonment. Other inmates with similar cases, and repeat offenders and worse cases got out on joint suspension, probation, drug programs and none went to prison. The Kenyan Embassy in Los Angeles and Washington DC REFUSED to get involved with me so I was ALONE the whole time. My whole youth was wasted behind bars and I can write a best seller about it but I need a happy ending. I want my happy to be that I am back in the US and very successful maybe as an Immigration Attorney. DEPORTATION really hurts especially when you know that you are not who they say you are, when you know that the good qualities in you are way better than a minor mistake you made, when you know that your heart is clean and pure, when your only intention of going to USA was to have a better life and now you are back in Africa with a no future, no hope and no life at all,

If you are an American Citizen reading this post please help. Maybe you know a good appeal lawyer, Maybe you want a wife ( yes I will marry you in real life and not just to go back to the states) I have no kids and I want all my kids to be born in the US.

As your wife I will offer you a very healthy lifestyle than you can personally maintain without me. If you go to work, you will always come back to a clean home with good healthy food,a warm beautiful smile and a very homely and friendly environment. It is second nature for me to always make sure my man has clean ironed clothes. You can leave 100s of dollars and I will never touch a dime. I have never and will never steal from the man I love. I'm also a very sexual person by nature as long as I feel loved and respected. I will give you at least 10 times what a normal average American woman would give you without feeling obligated or feeling like a slave. I just happen to be a very clean hard working lady who is very passionate about healthy living. I have made it a habit to juice raw fruits and vegetables every morning. You will always be very proud to bring your friends to our home and introduce me as your wife. Just please don't cheat on me? I'm a very good woman and and any man in the world would be very lucky and proud to have me. Will you be the lucky guy?

I want to go back to the US because I have dreams that I must live to fulfill. I must publish a New York times Best seller before I die, I must audition for the X-factor, American Idle, America's got talent or the Voice before I die. If I'm not picked, I want to hear my songs being sang by other successful artists and hitting the world. Yes these are hopeless dreams but my dreams none the less.

Please don't start advising me to remain in Kenya because I don't want to. I will return to Kenya when its time but for now I want to go back to the states and follow my heart and my dreams. If you are an American lawyer please contact me as I still have all my case details.

Thank you guys for reading and respecting my story weather you like or not. Thanks in advance to AMERICANS who are ready to help. I will reply back to all positive and negative responses to this ad because I'm now ready to speak up about my experience even to the media. I cant keep silent anymore. Maybe somebody will learn from me, maybe not. I know that its only through speaking up that I will be able to overcome this dark cloud that is threatening my bright future and move forward so yes I will reply to everybody who responds to me.


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Some people would be better off having been born as rats. That way they would be more useful in say being food for cats


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try the middle east i hear they treat people 'better'.... life is fucked up...move on forget the US that place is satan infested


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I felt so sad until she started talking of going back to the US. Doesn't anything about this beautiful country of ours turn her on. Kama ni kuolewa, anataka mzungu, Kama ni watoto, anataka wa mzungu, Kama ni kuishi, anataka kwa wazungu...aii Wanaume wetu hawatoshi mboga? sipendi haya sasa. Ati when its time she will come back to Kenya while clearly everything she wants is in America. Akirudi US, akae huko . All the same she wasn't treated fairly and deserves justice.
If she has all those nice qualities that she's narrating, i guess she would have been taken long time ago. I also guess this is a very young woman who has not outgrown teenage fantasies about 'flying to the statez and becoming a superstar'.
In real life, it's highly likely that this 'angel' is a conniving, cold hearted scorpion who will do anything to achieve her aims. Women are wickedly talented in acting devilishly and then posing as 'angels' and 'victims' when seeking sympathy.
Can Uncle Sam give us her side of the story?:D
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