Dalai lama..racist


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Africans moving to europe is benefiting europe, infact their politicians ate encouraging it because their people are not reproducing. Africans belong in Africa and europeand belong in europe, we just need to stop migrating there and watch their economy fall due to declining birth rate from afar. So Dalai Lama is not racist, i think those hundred of thousands white portugese migrating to Angola and Mozambique due to their failed economy should return back to europe.


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I hate the way Africans like to play victim.
Because there are many black people who are docile and submisive slaves who seek white acceptance and when they dont get it they play victims. If whites are racist then the only problem is that low IQ black people are not repaying the same favor but instead want to cry victims... An eye for an eye is the best method, this is why i respect muslims more than christians or Malcolm X from MLK who fought so he could dine at the same table as white people.

Look at this low IQ kenyans crying about being abused by a jungu racist in Kenya... In their own land.... That can only happen to blacks due to low IQ. That jungu wouldn’t have survived in Somalia. https://nairobinews.nation.co.ke/news/austrian-racial-abuse-flees-kenya


Dalai Lama can't bring himself to support Land Expropriation Without Compensation and that makes him hypocritical. For he doesn't want Africans to move to Europe but he is okay with Europeans having the best African lands that they never paid for

kintu warchief

Hii mzee inaongea kama fiued masho that said yeye ni inconsequential and irrelevant I would listen to waititu before I listen to him and I don't like waititi