Dark screen on TCL Smart Tv


Senior Villager
This is a simple issue to solve. Shida ni backlight zimeungua. Pelekea fundi and let him test all the strips to determine which ones have gone bad. Replace the bad ones and you have your tv back in a few minutes. However, be very careful about being ripped off by fundis who might try to take advantage of your ignorance. Breakdown the costs into testing for bad strips (300), buying new strips (200 per strip), and replacing the strips (300). Do not let some scheming fundi charge you 5000 bob as many are wont to do. If possible fanya surveillance kwanza and gauge what different fundis will charge. Make sure you mention what you want done.Apana enda kusema TV yako iko na shida, just tell them you want the backlights checked and replaced.
My VON LED curved TV is exhibiting the same problem. Do you of a reliable fundi who can help diagnose and replace the same?