Daughter from hell

Big Ben

Village Elder
So daughter conspired with the mother to accuse the father of rape so that he could rot in prison till he dies.
Later, The daughter then comes forward and says she was coerced into giving false testimony by the mother. Kwani she didn't know the consequences of her lies? And it took an extra ordinary judge to order a retrial.

There should be punishment for the daughter and mother, they also deserve sometime in jail, wakuwe funzo kwa wengine not to try this.

I think such matters are always the hardest part in life. The daughter and the mother deserves a punishment that will act as a lesson to other women who normally plan the evil on their husbands. I think, the two had a plan to do after arresting the dad/husband. Surely, I have realised that you should not just marry because people are marrying. You need to be a bit different with the way other people do it. If a woman can plan such a thing for her husband, then it means that these people were never compatible. That is the most wickedness of the highest order. The daughter should act as a lesson to other ladies who pretend to be raped.


Senior Villager
First of all, I am toally shocke with this kind of news that I am getting right now. I am very sorry for that husband that was accussed of rape. Raping your own daughter is never easy. I may not know the history hehind it but what I know is that we need need to be very serious with life. Let us not obey our parents blindly because, some parents may ruin your life, like this mother. Sometimes, youths need to make decisions by themselves. You can not allow your father to suffer this much simply because your mother has told you to do so. I know, this is a lesson to other youths. The mother and the daughter should be given thorough punishment. Let them tatse jail for some months.