David Ndii delivers a Knockout on Uhunye



Uhuru is a failure, a massive underachiever, a disappointment to the masses that believed in him.
To hell with sycophancy, my family doesn't feed on making him look good, he's a totally unworthy president. You never destroy your base to look good in politics.
End of rant.
Nice comment

People need to differentiate presidency and president.. If you like president Uhuru hamna shida but matters presidency affect us all whether you like him or not..and his presidency has been the worst and it will take years to repair damage done..guys let's be sober


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What did uhunye study at Amherst again?
Are you disputing that he didn't attend and graduate?

Education does not matter much in Kenya when it comes to progress. We have had Harvard PHDs and graduates get into leadership and that education makes no difference for Kenyans. If you are looking for true intellect put to actual practice, they are long gone, the likes of Ouko will be hard to come by.

The list of Ivy league graduates and other prestigious universities in government is very long, but that "genius" has rarely helped Kenyans. Those who studied economics in Australia became perfectionists at grand corruption for example.


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i am not lying about someone's lack of education like Ndii.
Ndii never mentioned or insinuated lack of education. He was on the ability to hack it. So I take it as a fair comment much in the same way I take yours on tinga as fair comment. Wewe na Ndii are good at fair comment.


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Ndii comes across as a bitter man consumed by envy. His contract in Rwanda was not renewed (if he was doing a good job, why was he not retained or in demand all over Africa?). Can he point to what he accomplished for Rwanda other than an entry on his CV?

He is "self employed" but spends most of his public facing time in politics, which by his definition makes him a dimwit and a charlatan.