David Ndii explains to us in detail why the likes of Gashwin & Field Masho are a frustrated lot


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Emotional talk,Kenyas financial woes are due to massive stealing and corruption,pia the insistence of government to keep loss making parastal,many political and commission offices doesn't help . government needs to address the issues raises above.


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You only get frustrated if you had certain expectations.

P/s Na yeye ako frustrated kwa nini?

kyuk and they see him as a traitor bcoz he is against muthamaki, their king
Other than the mad Ndii who else has conjured this notion? Ndii is politically inconsequential, only bored tweeps pay momentary attention to his rants, how would he be a traitor if his rants do not not affect anyones life?


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there is just no money to pay, organisations kama kura na kerra once you had a certificate you were paid within a week lakini saa hizi it can take you six months to be paid.
my wife works for one of the counties so I know what goes on behind the scenes so believe me money is paid regularly but only to individuals who have paid facilitation fees