David Ndii peels his mask

If you renounce you citizenship from country A and became a citizen of country B , where would your loyalty be?na uwache matusi mbwa hii
Hahaha sawa....but the Ndii man is criticising the luos in Narok for passing the BBI referendum. Lord Savagery thinks that he has exposed himself...but this is the same guy who considered himself a luo.
He is simply an open sober mind who is practicing constructive criticism.
Back in 2018, Ndii changed his tribe to Luo. Did it 'reveal' his true colours?
The truth of the matter is that Ndii is a sober mind who calls a spade a spade.
I'd have agreed with this assessment last year. 2021 we've seen a very different David Ndii. That debate on alpha-hood took a toll on him and he should have taken a break from the internets.