Davis Chirchir Manipulated Election..... Who Gets The Blame Next???


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Chiloba, NYS, Safaricom, Morph, KDF.... Who next???

Raila Odinga has accused Uhuru Kenyatta's chief agent Davis Chirchir of manipulating the August 8th presidential election

He says Chirchir manipulated the results in Uhuru Kenyatta's favour

The National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate Raila Odinga has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta’s top agent Davis Chirchir of being behind the manipulation of the August 8th presidential election.

Speaking in London where he was scheduled to give a talk at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, Raila said that the election was manipulated in favour of the Jubilee Party presidential candidate, and the man behind everything was Davis Chirchir.



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The old man keeps trying to fool anyone who gives him their time of day. His own agent Koitamet Ole Kina in a sworn affidavit before the SCOK admitted that they requested and received access to the IEBC servers. Orengo and Joho later went on camera to acknowledge the same. Kenyan media are incredibly inept when it comes to sifting fact from fiction.

From the same server logs from the court ordered scrutiny, NASA agent John Walubengo logged into the IEBC servers more than any other individual, a total of 54 times.

Affidavit of Martin Gavole, for Aukot in SCOK:
10. THAT in the meeting called by the IEBC commission on 8/8/2017 at around 11pm for the Presidential chief agents, the CEO, Mr. Chiloba promised to have accounts created for each Presidential Chief agent, to facilitate the access of the scanned form 34As from various polling stations. [...]
11. THAT it was not until around 3pm on the 9/08/2017 that Presidential Chief agents started accessing the scanned form 34As through an intranet facility of IEBC. [...]
Affidavit of NASA agent: Koitamet Ole Kina in SCOK
The consultant answered that he would require eight (8) days to do so. When further pushed to then allow our IT [information technology] team to access the system, he asked for six hours to create email addresses. We couldn’t understand why he required six (6) hours for an action that would take 10 minutes. He pleaded for two hours. At the end of the two hours, he [provided] an email address for our team and [authorized] a workstation already created in the main auditorium be used to access the Form 34Bs.
Joho admit on camera to NASA receiving a password to access the IEBC servers.
The NASA letter that demanded such access:

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