De Morgan’s Laws

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Hii masomo inanileta juu, mbona sinyiti hizi vitu, nimemka asubui kujaribu kuelewe hii stuff lakini sielewi.Wanakijiji nisaidieni, nani anaelewa hizi sheria za De Morgan.Na kama unamtambua mwambie awache upuzi.


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so you have a Bolean equation, to group or ungroup if you want, you look at the logical statements twice, twice because remember De Morgan's law is a powerful tool and dont forget to observe safety rules because this is a poweeful tool. the first thing you ask yourself; what was in De Morgan's mind when he crafted this tool? That is the fundamental question and once you answer that, everything becomes clear. For example...


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You need to understand the definition of a Venn Diagram young man. Then negation, union, intersection & if you do, then;

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