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Fazul suspends IDLO’s operations, asks Central Bank to freeze accounts
Oct. 07, 2017, 6:00 pm
By EMMANUEL WANJALA @rambsnabiswa

A file photo of NGO's co-ordination board chair Fazul Mahamed.
The NGOs Co-ordination Board has suspended with immediate effect the operations of the International Development Law Organization and asked the Central Bank to freeze its accounts.

Executive Director Fazul Mahamed said the decision followed the Board’s discovery that IDLO was involved in criminal activities.

He did not however name the said criminal activities in the October 5 order letter to IDLO Director General Irene Khan.

“The Board has noted and takes great umbrage that IDLO has over the years been receiving funds directed towards achieving its alleged charitable objectives.

We have however noticed that these funds have been deployed to nefarious operations neither within your objectives nor towards charitable interventions,” Fazul said.

The NGOs Board is mandated by law to regulate and enable the NGO sector in Kenya as well as advise the government on the activities of NGOs.

The Board has ordered the closure of several other NGOs in the recent past.

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The decision to suspend IDLO’s operations comes hot on the heels of the revocation of its Host Country Agreement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 13.

Fazul said the suspension coupled with the Ministry's decision stripped IDLO of its legal status to operate in Kenya.

He directed Khan to “immediately” obtain a new certificate of registration to afford IDLO new legal status to continue operations.

“In the meantime, all IDLO operations in Kenya are hereby suspended with immediate effect."

“The Governor of Central Bank and the Director of Financial Reporting Centre are advised to immediately preserve any funds held under IDLO bank accounts until further communication from the undersigned,” Fazul said.

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