Dear mr chepukati,mr kenyatta and mr odinga


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Be a man and-----------
1.chepukati-stand up on your own powers and give directions as the chairman of an independent commision.wacha woga.
2.kenyatta-please sir stand up and protect the country vile uliapa ukiingia ofisini.moses prayed hadi akakasirisha mungu pale red sea.mungu akamwambia stop praying and act you have the powers.thats when he used his stick to separate the waters
3.raila-be a man and stop this nonsence of maandamano and no election thing.ulienda kortini na ukashinda a man and face uhuru kwa debe.

nimechokaaaaaaa ....nkt
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Commission has done nothing to assure a credible election. Not going to vote, wacha wachaguane wenyewe.
My Nasa friend told me that there are 19 million registered voters, so what Jubilee will get, they will subtract from 19 and claim that what remains is what Nasa could get. Ujinga ni kipawa. Wacha tuchaguane maisha iendelee