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  1. Mzichi

    Mzichi Village Elder

    Do not give up Baba, there is a way. As constituted, we (NASA) lack the numbers. Maraga did us a favor but.... was it really? How do we recover 1.4 million in under 30 days when we failed to recover 800,000 in 4+ Years?

    Now to the good news. Like I said.... THERE IS A WAY!

    Defect to Jubilee. Kuna numbers uko plus everybody is doing it. Do not mind kama watakuchukua, If they took back Munya..... Kuna space Baba!
  2. Raheem8

    Raheem8 Village Elder

    Nice, baba should just give Kenya a break, believe me the moment he does that, the specific day will be a public holiday for years to come
  3. ScotlandYard

    ScotlandYard Village Elder

    Hio space inaitwa nusu mkate...lakini hata slice...

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  4. m245

    m245 Village Elder

  5. ranny

    ranny Village Elder

    no! akae na huko pepo mbaya!!!!
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  6. Soprano

    Soprano Village Elder