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  1. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    only two of six running mates for 530 debate have arrived 12 mins to time...

    talking heads including ole kaparo and mguna kuguna lamenting jubilee failure to attend...
  2. madova

    madova Village Elder

    Kuna wasee walikuwa wamechungulia cheedah mbaya sana but naona wakiumia mbaya.
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  3. Electronics4u

    Electronics4u Village Elder Staff Member

    If the presidential aspirants refused to attend, why do they think their running mates can? These debate organizers are a bit slow.
  4. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    But seriously, did the convenors expect a sitting deputy president to agree to come and get questions thrown at them by the abrasive Miguna and to add insult to injury he's also running for governor. Obviously he will use that chance to demolish others as he builds up his profile.
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  5. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    miguna was to be one of the panelists? si wangeipeleka tu bunge la wananchi pale archives?
  6. Soprano

    Soprano Village Elder

    @admin, unganisha hizi threads, tafadhali!
  7. culture

    culture Village Elder

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  8. Kasighau

    Kasighau Village Elder

    This debate will break records. It's a total fail
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  9. Duke of Busia

    Duke of Busia Village Elder

    Sauce for the goose sauce for the gander
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  10. Liberty

    Liberty Village Elder

    Nimetoka job nikaingia joint fulani kupunzika b4 niende kwangu nikaona kwa TV with a ticker 'running mates debate' but to my surprise, viti ni almost empty.
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  11. spear

    spear Village Sponsor


    Some media station editors had planned to make a killing from debate Kenya. They colluded to take away this debate from their employers and formed debate Kenya as their own. They had lined up advertisers to make a killing for themselves first and pay a little to the stations airing it. Over 100 million of advertising spend had been expected. Fortunately they didn't involve the candidates in the planning and decisions forcing it to fail incredibly. If DP Uncle Ruto calls his friend SK Macharia of Citizen to find out who is debate Kenya he will be shocked to be referred back to their advert. Let them go frying, hiyo pesa hakuna.
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  12. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    the number of times i've heard the phrase "wasted opportunity" from the talking heads is nauseating...
  13. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Was Linus Kaikai part of this scheme. I never particularly like that guy, he's openly biased and partisan.
  14. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    I wouldn't be surprised its his or he is the main player.
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  15. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    finally underway....the Great one man debate.......:)
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  16. D_Minor

    D_Minor Senior Villager

    Muthiora Kariara,
    This kid is shaking.
    Looks like he is gonna cry
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  17. muchunu

    muchunu Village Elder

    What a sham..hahaha
  18. Duke of Busia

    Duke of Busia Village Elder

    Kariara anafa apewe MCA nominated slot after this be it from jubilee or NASA. This is an interview not a debate we were all expecting
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  19. FieldMarshal CouchP

    FieldMarshal CouchP Village Sponsor

    Wacheni zenu bana!

    Debate iko poa hata kama ni monologue na kid kutoka Kawangware.

    Ha ha ha ha ha huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
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  20. FieldMarshal CouchP

    FieldMarshal CouchP Village Sponsor

    By the way it was supposed start at 5.30pm, it started at 6.15.

    I wonder who they will interview at 8.30pm
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