Demos in Senegal over corruption



Whoever doesn't know the head or tail of this then watch this video.
Remember though that anything from BBC cannot be trusted without verifying it first.



Senior Villager
Senegal and Ivory Coast. They basically provinces of france. Politically and economically controlled by paris. They only control the cultural part of the country. Of they want change it has to start with replacing paris and govern themselves.
The people in those colonies have slave mentality especially the middle class which celebrates its french heritage while France is looting its country. Go to France right now and you will up to 2 million Africans from Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast..... embracing their french identity by eaving the french flag and singing the ffench nationalsong while France is looting their home country. The only hope is that white people in Paris and Europe are getting sick of the globalist government and a non globalist party is rising in France which opposed the french involvement in Ivory Coast coup 2011 and other african countries.

Also i recently read about west african countries(ECOWAS) thinking on adopting a single currency and thus french colonies abandoning C.F.A.