Denis young has found his way home!!

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denis young

Village Elder
Hello guys..
First of all its nice to see that the village is strong again after the village elder went to be with the ancestors..God rest his soul..his memory lives on...

I am also doing good thanks for asking...and to supu..i know we had a rough time back in the other village but i am back to fight for you now..

Finally...lola if you are here..i still love you too so send up a smoke signal and i will be there love.
Let me try and answer all your questions here...
Before uanze kutrade na real money first open a demo account using Exness...its a very good broker..usichome hiyo 40k if ur new to this.
In this business kuna scammers not trust fund managers especially in kenya..struggle to learn and trade for yourself.
It is also true that many people lose than those who gain. Why? The forex market is manipulated and people tend to trade without good money management ama they start trading with real money with zero experience.
Etoro is good for those people who do not want to trade on their own. Copy a good trader but then dnt expect to make 100$ a day. I would recommend you start with a minimum of 100-200$ and copy a few good traders.
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