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  1. grandpa

    grandpa Village Elder

    Scenes from American Gangster, John Q, Flight & Training Day combined into one

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  2. The_Virus

    The_Virus Village Elder

    My favourite Hollywood actor right there. Have watched all his movies.
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  3. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    American gangster inspired Jay-Z's album by same name. Jay used to play the movie in the background while he recorded
  4. bjurmann

    bjurmann Village Elder

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  5. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    Fun Fact the man who helped start Denzel's Career was the guy who funded Deathrow Records
    watch these two documentaries ujionee

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  6. B.D

    B.D Village Elder

    Denzel as Alonzo Harris in Training Day...smoothest villain of all time.
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  7. Abu-khara Al-toilete

    Abu-khara Al-toilete Village Elder

    American Gangster was very boring ata heri Menace II Society.
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  8. Kaffir

    Kaffir Village Elder

    Book of Eli was nice too
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  9. wildfrank

    wildfrank Village Elder

    love the movie flight....denzel mambo mbaya
  10. mr shairman

    mr shairman Village Elder

    1.John Q
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  11. denis young

    denis young Village Elder

    Denzel ni wale Mr steal your wife ukiona live. Mjamaa ako so smooth hadi sa zile alishootiwa kwa movie fulani alikufa vismooth ni kama venye unaingianga jakuzi...No homo.
    Hiyo ndio inaitwa confidence...
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  12. syndicate

    syndicate Village Elder

    Denzel is the only black actor that i hold much respect. I can re-watch all his movies back to back.
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  13. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Morgan Freeman and Idris Elba wako sawa pia.
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  14. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    Samuel L Jackson
  15. Viking

    Viking Village Elder

    I liked Denzel's Tobin Frost character in Safe House akiambia Matt 'You know your screwed by the C.I.A when they tell you - You've done a good job son, we'll take it from here' and it surely did happen.
  16. Eng'iti

    Eng'iti Village Elder

    Man On Fire mambo bad
  17. Bark

    Bark Village Elder

    He is like the Morgan Freeman of action and intellect..
  18. introvert

    introvert Village Sponsor

    Anapenda kushout sanaaa.
  19. benja

    benja Village Elder

    man on fire...
    old man : but the lord says we should forgive.
    Denzel : forgiveness is between them and God,mine
    is to arrange the meeting...
  20. MegaKing

    MegaKing Village Elder

    The Equalizer - ile part anahandle russian thugs