Deputy President William Ruto gifts the new Kisumu Archbishop Philip Anyolo a car to assist in his ministry.

This guy will ran the most expensive campaign in Kenya. He is literally buying support and that tells you he knows he appeals to a limited population and he knows siasa ya Kenya ni ‘tumbo politics’.
Ruto has not shared in any of his ‘tanga tanga’ exercises his vision for this country and if one looks at all the candidates even since 1992, all had a manifesto. Huyu ni mkora tu wa kawaida. Even Matiba who was once wealthier than Kibaki, Moi and the Kenyattas hakutumia pesa hivi but sycophants here will tell us tuko na wivu, pesa ni zake, amejitafutia blah blah blah.
The churches in Kenya have become the most materialistic and useless institutions. If they refused to accept his contributions, that can send a strong signal to the electorate and him.
We are our own worst enemies. Ujinga mwafrika ako nayo imefika level I believe it is the only talent bestowed upon us by the universe.
1.Just as you said, hio yote ni wivu. ODM with it's battalion of lawyers are not going to court over it because there is no evidence.
2. The guy is not richer than the kenyattas and odingas.