Detecting a woman who is ovulating


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Is it possible to detect a woman who is ovulating?
Dogs Do it,can men do it?
Don't be like Jim, bro... :D:D:D:D

A wife treats her husband by taking him to a
strip club for his birthday.
At the club, the doorman says, "Hi Jim, how
are you?"
The wife asks, "How does he know you?"
Jim says, "Oh dear, I play football with him."
Inside the Bartender Says, "The Usual, Jim?"
Jim says to Wife, "Before you say anything,
He's on the Darts team."
Next, a stripper Says, "Hi Jim! Do you crave the
special again?"
The Wife storms out dragging Jim with her &
jumps into a taxi. The Taxi driver Says, "Hey
Jimmy boy!
You picked up an ugly one this time..."
Jim's Funeral is on Sunday!!!


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This is one thing nature and females played against man but then if you have interacted with the femine species for long you will get the signs... Chini ya maji
Do you want to be like a dog and detect ovulating women in the streets through your nose? and also climb them in public? Hizi bonobo zinaangusha hii kijiji.
They secrete pheromones -airborne molecules that elicit a reaction from a member of the same species. That's the reason why muslimas wear buibui