Diamond Platnumz may be an Ultimate Alpha or the biggest fool on earth. The future will decide.

The negroe is overworking. He has confirmed that he has impregnated our very own Tanasha Donna. This means now that he has sired bastards in the entire EAC conglomerate. Now, while these moves may have worked with the two bimbos from UG and TZ, nashuku hii kunguru yetu ya KE itamkamua child support hadi settings. The man is likely to be taken to the cleaners very soon.
Anyway, nimeskia he is now preparing to set base in Rwanda to extend his DNA footprint in Kagame's territory. More power to this negro either way, for playing with petrol as if its water. And creatinng singo mathas for @Azor Ahai to dissect and toy with.

And as always, MGTOW = Freedom = Peace of mind = money in the bank.
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Busaa Catalytica
What's the point of being rich and famous if you can't shag and impregnate as many random beautiful women as possible?
Those kids will turn on you for having failed to be there for them. They will grow up being an impregnators and impregnated just like you are. Then you will clap your hands that you mentored your kids well. Very foolish ideologies men got
What's the point of being rich and famous if you can't shag and impregnate as many random beautiful women as possible?
It seems your knowledge on inter-generational wealth is limited.. Fame is a fickle mistress, one false move and she moves on to the next BIG thing.. All it would take for Diamond to loose his riches is one mistake..

For inter-generational wealth, monogamy is the answer and has been the answer for millennia.


Busaa Catalytica
hehhe…. All people with Money do that, difference ya diamond iko kwa public domain... Lowd Knows how many Kamawana has fathered:D:D
Bill gates? Bezos, michuki? Moi ( and don't say Mark too), Warren buffet. .
I'll say something, it's only foolish Africans who associate wealth with kids . How they reason " the more children you have , the more wealthy you are, or the more wealth you get, then father more children " I call this Zinjathropic reasoning

Azor Ahai

Neo Unplugged
This guy will be bankrupt by the time he is 45. Anacheza na wanawake. As wannabe/male diva Mimi Huwa Namwaga Blanks has stated, I think huyu yake ni ujinga. When bitchez get old, attention dies and they start hunting baby daddies for child support. To make it worse his career also has a short shelf life akigonga 40s zitakuwa zilizopendwa. Double depreciation in his bank accounts. He will have to be a genius to manoeuvre out of this mess.
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His shelf life is limited. He should have alternative forms of income. Lakini watu kama hawa hua hawasikii ata wakiambiwa.

Mr. Nice. Kidalipo.
I usually see them rolling around with alot of bodyguards and they are extremly flashy and am assuming that comes with the business they are in. But i hope they have saved enough for a rainy because nothing lasts forever in this world.