Did IEBC goof by holding poll in poisoned atmosphere?


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According to an article in one of the papers; "One of the reasons IEBC went ahead with the election on October 26 was its desperation to redeem itself after presiding over an election that was latter nullified by the Supreme Court of Kenya following a successful petition by NASA. It was unimaginable that the commission would go ahead with the process even though the environment was not right for a free and fair election. And by so doing, IEBC has dealt our democracy a major blow".

Should IEBC have stopped the election?

The High Court gave the directive for a repeat election, NASA interpreted that directive and unlined the terms and condition to IEBC without reference to the adjudicator. In doing so, NASA set their terms above the High Courts. They also instructed IEBC to alter the 60 day period to 90 days in disregard to the high court directive.

Having not achieved any of these endeavours they set out to poison the atmosphere to force the hand of IEBC to cancel the election. The Big Question is, Why didn’t someone go back to the court and request further directive – no one did!!!!

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Have you read what you have written before posting? Read now and see that you are not making any sense at all.


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well, you make some sense.
1. unless you amend the constitution, the elections had to have been held
2. their irreducible minimums were addressed by iebc save for three which were impossible because of timelines and constitutional requirements.
(somehow nasa thinks they're above the katiba)
3. no one went back to court because the court would never cancel an election that the constitution says must be held

all in all nasa was making noise because they didn't have the numbers and the only way they could win was to inflate theirs.
why do you think they wanted unlimited server access; which was denied to all parties?
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Someone did and the supreme court judges played brikicho.
True they did but at the 11th hour, they had over 50 days to outline the minimums and take to the High Court for guidance. They presented those demands to the people’s court via demos which resulted in pockets of violence and through numerous public utterances created a toxic environment in some regions, when this failed to achieve desired outcome they dash to the court –last minute, stating the environment was to0 toxic to conduct free and fair election. Cause and Effect

Why was it necessary to wait to have a poisoned atmosphere in order to take the matter to the High Court to request election cancellation?

Were they not confident that the High Court would be able to provide some clarity on the minimums?
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Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!