Did this MPost thing see the light of day?

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!


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Same thing. Send the text. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for it to return with instructions. They're very slow. But it's very convenient.
I would even suggest you talk to the post office that you'd like to be receiving from.
The notifications come from a post office guy itself not some number.
Since it's basically a manual text saying kujia package, just try putting your number as your address and mail yourself a letter and see if it will work. 0721345678-00100 for example.
Sometimes I wonder why exactly I registered for it when in reality notifications tu ni kutoka ule mse wangu wa posta.

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!