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  1. Pato_Verified

    Pato_Verified Senior Villager

    It often happen with us that whenever we try to
    Install any utility or try to play any game then it
    requires a large RAM than the currently installed in our system. I'm sharing a simple trick by which you can treat your USB drive as Random Access Memory and can fulfill such requirements.
    This idea is also helpful in case you're running
    any Virtual Operating System. By increasing your RAM you can boost up all the present
    This trick actually varies with the Operating
    System. Here, I'm sharing both of the Tricks

    ★For Windows 7/Vista★

    *Insert your USB drive.
    *Backup all its data and Format it using
    FAT32(default) file system
    *Right click on it > select properties
    *click on ReadyBoost tab
    *here click on Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost
    *Adjust the size to be used according to your
    *Click Apply. That's it enjoy the hack now.:)

    ★ For windows XP★
    *Insert your USB drive.
    *Backup all its data and Format it using
    FAT32(default) file system
    *Right Click on My Computer.
    *Click on Advanced tab then in the Performance
    section click on Settings.
    *In the new Box go to Advanced Tab.
    *In the Virtual memory section click on Change
    *Select your USB drive here, assuming its J:
    *Set the size according to your requirement.
    *Click Ok. Restart your PC to take effects.
  2. 123tokambio

    123tokambio Village Sponsor

    Yes i've tried before, but it sucks. Can't even compare to a 128mb ram....
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  3. sludgist

    sludgist Village Elder

    Sitaki kujua hii
  4. Wepukhulu

    Wepukhulu Village Elder

    nilijua ile time Atwoli alikuwa bado anawhisper
  5. Nostradumbass

    Nostradumbass Village Elder

    Leta ya Windows 8/10