Diesel or Petrol Car


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I have this car hire company. My clients used to say to keep one luxury car. It will give a good fortune.

So i bought this lexus which is 4500cc. Very good car in terms of luxury and class. But i only have one problem, petrol consumption, that shit drinks petrol like animal. At first the car got hired like any other car i had.
But then i noticed some usual clients hired only once. Mostly complaining that it takes more petrol than my hiring charges. Then it started going down. Now its there in garage used once or twice per month.
One of my mechanic suggested to buy Diesel? I did research in net and got good comments but people say diesel isn't good. Now I'm lost

Need advice, professional advice if possible.

kah tony

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If the ones hiring are using the vehicle in Nairobi traffic or average speeds of less than 80kph the fuel consumption will be high. Otherwise, that vehicle must be having an issue.


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Funny enough few years ago I read an article where by a top lexus engineer was saying that if companies aggressively marketed their diesel variants, Petrol cars would sell less.