Difficulty in buying online in British Pounds


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So I found a nice deal in a UK website (ps4 pro, fifa 18 and bandicoot for ~42k). Have the courier guys (Peer cargo) and the funds. The problem is how to buy from the website. I have at least 3 bank cards each with its own issues:
1) NIC prepaid card - Doesn't accept British pounds.
2) Airtel card - Declined even by paypal
3) Equity bank debit card - Maximum amount of 20k
4) Nakumatt card - stopped being issued

How do you guys purchase stuff online, with ease?


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Several options.

1. In some banks one can enable or disable online transactions e.g. coop, kcb. Call your bank and ask

2. Some payment service providers counterchecl the personal details of your credit/debit card specifically the postal code and matches that to what you have provided to prevent fraud. No match = No transaction.


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Equity-Increase the limit.
Get pepea card - works but ni ya ufala (loading via Mpesa paybill, lack of notifications after a transaction and idiotic mode of access to the acc)


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multi currency prepaid card from I&M, you can have usd, pounds and euros on the same card, you can pay online over 2000pounds at a go