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Dilema... Ploti ama agribusiness venture.

I have saved a few coins that I don't want to lose by kuuma kidogo kidogo. My dilema is......do I buy a kaquarter acre plot that is being sold for 280k in Laikipia or shoukd I start a bee keeping venture that I have been mulling for well over a year. With cash equal to the price of the plot I can set up 15 CAB hives and a harvesting unit. I already have somewhere to put the hives.

Saidieni kuweigh hizi options.


Village Elder
What I've come to learn is that Kenya kila biashara iko na wenyewe. Utakuja kuambiwa kuna honey cartels pia. Juzi nimenunua honey from Egypt in a very pretty package container lakini taste ni same as if tumekosa capability ya kuharvest na kustore our own honey. Go ahead and buy the land, kujaribu biashara zingine na wewe ni peasant will only bring you stress.


Village Elder
Out of curiosity, did you choose that particular honey because of the packaging ama juu ni from Egypt.
I was curious about what was so different about it, it's very clear and crystalline almost like sugar and in glass packaging sio kama hizi zetu dark and packaged poorly in unattractive plastic and lazy stickers. Lakini taste ni mild, I think they dilute to make more.

Clyde 007

Village Elder
Shida ni output..you need bees on steroids to get decent profit
Halafu quality of honey inakaa mbaya saana...almost borders artificial honey(sugar)
Your right, bee keeping is not as simple as people think,..u need a very good bee colony with a proactive queen(some farmers buy her from Lenana) to make good honey plus an area with trees,flowers, source of water for forage collection, this will reduce the time the forage honeybees take in btwn the trips