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dear prof@ka-buda

am in a dilemma and need advice from the professor, there is this lady from our workplace that gives me a Bonner every time we talk, she is a hot mini momo, a brownie, she wears minis, but there are some issues that keep hindering me from “ombering Her”

first she is a single mum of three, she is an independent woman, second she is a loud mouth and attention seeker, I have observed her and learnt she cannot keep stuff to herself, she is a wild cat , I know all her escapades, three am married , four am her supervisor. I have never omber a lady before since am the type of guy who cherish treating a lady and letting her offer herself naturally without inducing with alcohol or under pressure to please a man
But her she has seen it all I believe, I want to bang her and leave it at that but I also know despite her independence she yearns for a man so I do not want to treat her since she might be clingy. so prof, swali ni do I go straight to her and tell her to her face I want to bang her or do I play the flirty route which I tried and after a while I heard murmurs that am sending her “funny pictures” kwa whatsapp,


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Waharibu job boss... I remember my boss from the lake who didn't have boundaries with ladies... Huyo alikuwa fisi president. The dude DFy the finance lady, within no time there were two bosses and don't forget the wife. Ending wasn't good.


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banging a colleague moreso a junior bad move mister bad move..but since you have set your mind there skiza kwa makini.
First this is not a dilemma your still going to bang her either way.
Second mom of three?! sasa atakuwa mom of four..Next!!
Third your MARRIED!!
Fourth "I have never omber a lady before" ...yea right!!
Fifth you know the answers to your questions ni venye hauna confidence."Guruka jamaa Guruka!!(prof Hamo's tone)".
Sixth hii yote ni hekaya bila mbisha,sketch ama x-ray ya " she is a hot mini momo, a brownie,she wears minis".


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married people=people who sleep in the same bed but doesnt have sex.
having said that.
use murphy`s law of all things that get wrong infact doing so.
if you can handle them...
chapa yeye mpaka hkm atasallenda tu mafi ya kuku
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