Ding Dong Badman-Pull UP : Bambi Badgal-Pull Up -- AWESOME!!!

Hahahaha....This is too much fun to listen to!!

The Badman and Badgal - Ding Dong and Bambi
Then further down there is the
"Love Of Da Dancehall Riddim" featuring the aforementioned two, once you get to Pt. 2 Of Love Of Da Dancehall.
Speaking of which; on Love Of Da Dancehall Pt. 2 further down, at 3:15 there is a VERY SERIOUS matter that needs to be discussed here; in effect it supersedes all the Jubilee/NASA shenanigans, and that is indeed potentially, if not outright, of a higher impact than the very strategic prospects of the SGR project!! sisemi kitu...

Ding Dong - Badman Pull Up

Bambi Badgal - Pull Up

Love Of Da Dancehall Riddim Pt. 1

Love Of Da Dancehall Pt. 2