Discussion about Olymp Trade

Yeah, I want to try currencies. To exact, I’m going to trade AUD/USD, NZD/USD in combination with gold and silver. I didn’t learn about this correlation online. At first, I noticed it on my own when viewing charts. Then I went online and found that it was true. This correlation interested me. I think it’s good when you can can open four trades in the same direction. I’m looking forward to holding trades on these three instruments for months.

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Furthermore, I have a strong desire to try fixed-time trading with the broker. At first, I didn’t take it seriously but once I watched enough guides on the subject it arose great interest to FTT in me. Some ideas related to FTT came to my mind. I want to build a trading system using pending FTT order. By the way, I learned about the existence of pending FTT orders only recently. Earlier I thought that in FTT it was possible to enter and exit the market in real time only.


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That correlation interested me too. I will try to work on it with small fixed amounts and multipliers. If I like how it all works, I will put more at stake.
As for FTT, I think it makes sense to try it in news trading. I mean you can place several pending opposite FTT traps on a braking news you want to earn on.
I also thought about pending FTT orders in news trading. I’m currently testing FTT on a demo account. I experiment with different settings and I continue trading Forex with different multipliers and fixed amounts. Once I complete this test, I will know for sure how much I need to deposit to my real account to trade Forex and FTT. I hope to complete my test in a couple of days.
Last week it was the first time I used 24-expiration. Earlier the biggest expiration I used was 3 hours. This time I noticed double bottom on the BTC H1 chart and open a long trade on February 4. The FTT contract expired on Feb 5 as it should be. I’m satisfied with what I achieved. I think I will use the maximum expiration one-more time, but it’s hard to use it frequently.

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I think it’s not scary if you control your trade. Moreover, it’s good that it’s possible to close a FTT trade before it expires. I was ready to close mine within 24 hour. I was at home and even if I was off I would do it on my smartphone.
I want to try 24-hour expiration on indexes. I hope I’ll be lucky to catch the best moment. I think Olymp suits short-term trading better but its also true that the longer is the expiration period, the better are the chances to make a correct forecast. So the approach is not typical but interesting indeed.